Mumbai Dreamz 2012

The KEHS PA has just hosted the Mumbai Dreamz event on Friday 24th February and if you’ve not been to any of the PA organised events then this blog will give you an idea of how much fun it was; if you were lucky enough to be one of the 110 people there, you will already know what a spectacular show it was and how delicious the Indian food was.

The preparations for Mumbai Dreamz started early under the leadership of Anju Mehta, the PA Events Co-Ordinator;  the caterers were booked, the entertainers were volunteered and there was a frenzied rush to get colourful and eye catching decorations as well as obtaining sponsorship for donations of raffle prizes.

On the evening itself, there was synchronized activity to get the school hall ready for the guests.  The tables were laid, the food was ready, the drinks stall was set up, the stage swept ready for the entertainers and the room decorated.  As 7pm approached, the guests started to arrive and the show began.

The entertainment was provided by the Chitralekha Dance company.  They opened the evening with a medley of modern Bollywood dances and later also performed a classical Indian dance.  It was truly enchanting especially as the girls wore traditional Indian dress in bright colours and danced so beautifully.  Delsa Ghorbani provided the singing interlude where she sang two beautiful songs that showed off her singing talents.  Finally, there was a sari tying competition where 5 pairs of girls tried their hand at putting on a sari after a demonstration by an expert sari wearer.  The winners had obviously observed closely as their effort was so good and they were rewarded with prizes of Lush products.  The other four pairs of girls received chocolates for their effort.  Around the room, there was henna hand painting which is always very popular with both the girls and the adults and so this year there was a ticketing system but even so, the last person had their hand painted as clearing up began.  The stall selling bangles and bindis was also popular.

The food was provided by outside Indian caterers and there was a selection of both vegetarian and meat dishes with channa Masala, paneer Manchurian, kadhi with pakoreh, chicken tikka masala and lamb rogan josh together with side dishes of pilau rice, samosas, salads, dips and naan breads.  There were wonderful platters of fresh, exotic fruits such as mangos, passion fruit, pomegranates to name but a few, as well as petit fours.  The food was enjoyable as always and beautifully presented.

Miss Evans drew the raffle towards the end of the evening and lucky winners were rewarded with meal for two at Asha’s restaurant in Newhall Street, Valentino’s in Harborne and Red Oven in Bearwood together with beauty gifts, baskets of fresh fruits, chocolates, a bottle of champagne and brandy and a voucher for John Lewis/Waitrose.

It was wonderful to see guests enjoying themselves especially as whole families were able to join in and some of the younger guests had donned traditional Indian dress.  Take a look at the pictures on or at   and why not come along to the next Mumbai Dreamz which will be in the Spring Term of 2013?

Our next event is running the barbeque at the Summer fete, which is held in the last week of term, where we will be providing good quality hot dogs, both meat and vegetarian burgers and ice cold drinks.

If you would like to volunteer for the PA or would like more information then please drop us an email at

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