Fabulous Family Quiz

The Fabulous Family Quiz Night was a great event where all guests and pupils enjoyed themselves. To start there were lovely songs sung by a small group of girls higher up in the school which contained beautiful harmonies that kicked off the evening. We were put into teams of eight with a mix of pupils and their family members and were asked to make a team name. My first team name idea was team “Faboom” but we ended up agreeing on the team name “We Tried”, which I think was an apt name for us!. After we had seven interesting and fun rounds to get through. The questions were quite difficult at times, especially naming old celebrities that the majority of people had never heard of before, but it was all very entertaining. Each quiz round was completely different and had a good variety of questions ranging from geography to sports, that one way or another left us scratching our heads and looking baffled. At about half way through the night, the smell of spicy Indian food filled the hall, and was quickly followed by enticing platters that were brought to the tables. There were plates stacked high with hot samosas, dips, bread, fruits and cheese. The food allowed us to refuel our hungry bellies as well as refuel our brains. Then, after the refreshments, we completed the last round. We were then shown the correct answers to the questions. The room was filled with sighs, “I told you so’s”, and “I was thinking that!” at this time. Overall this was an enjoyable event that allowed thirds other students and families to make new friends and to enjoy a fun night. A big thank you to the PA who helped make the evening a fantastic event.

Ariel Buckley L4E

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